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Hi I'm Tracey , founder and CEO of Isla.


I started out as An interior designer, a craft I picked up as a hobby that allowed me to express myself, explore my talents as a creative all while simultaneously bringing other individuals’ artistic visions to life. Through my originality and my inclusion of local & international trends to my designs, I have  constantly grown & evolved as a designer and  now as the creator of a bold candle line that looks, feels and invokes emotion as well as my personal style. 


 ISLA has the perfect organic, all- natural renewable wax candle that is long-burning, biodegradable and renewable. Our neutral and reusable jars also add a little flair to your home decor.


 Isla was created with you in mind and through your support, I will continue sharing this product and improving in all the areas to ensure I provide the best scents to cozy up to.


Thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoy the candles as much as I enjoy making them.

Proudly Black Woman Owned 

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