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Isla Candles

Black Woman-owned Small business


Greetings, I'm Tracey, the proud founder and CEO of Isla.

My journey began in the realm of interior design, a passion I cultivated from a mere hobby. It became my canvas for self-expression, allowing me to tap into my creativity while bringing to life the artistic visions of others. With an unwavering commitment to originality and a keen eye for blending local and international trends, I've embarked on a continuous evolution, transitioning into the realm of candle crafting.

At Isla, we've curated a collection of bold candles that not only exude style but also evoke emotions, mirroring my personal aesthetic. Crafted from organic, all-natural wax, our candles boast longevity, biodegradability, and renewability. Complemented by our chic, reusable jars, they seamlessly enhance any home décor.

Isla was born with your needs at its core, and with your invaluable support, I'm dedicated to perfecting our offerings, ensuring we deliver nothing short of the most delightful scents for your cozy moments.

I extend my deepest gratitude for your ongoing support, and I sincerely hope that our candles bring you as much joy as I derive from creating them.

With pride as a Black woman entrepreneur,


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